Dimmi : Brand Positioning + Campaign Development

Dimmi is a footwear brand that started with a story. As with many stories, it’s about a major event that touched one family. The Dimmi story began with ALS, a disease without a cure, that changed forever a family in the shoe business and created a brand with a purpose, a purpose of doing good. 100% good.

Richard A. Carrington 4th died of ALS at the age of 39, leaving behind a wife, three children, his extended family and countless friends. Consolidated Shoe Co., the family business he ran, began a new shoe line, Dimmi, in his memory—with the sole purpose to give away 100% of its wholesale profits to medical research.

MDG was engaged to create a brand that was authentic and help develop desirable product that would spur consumer involvement in the dimmi mission— ultimately driving sales to increase contributions to medical research (healing families) and positively impacting lives. We started with the brand foundation and built an identity system and campaign that would resonate in the hearts and minds of the footwear industry and consumer alike.