MDG is a marketing consultancy that focuses on brand innovation, strategy and design. We think big.


WAY Program : Brand Development

A group of educators based in Detroit was devising an alternative experience to target the educational crisis in their city. MDG was engaged to name and brand this new entity. WAY (Widening Advancements for Youth) was chosen. The WAY Program offers personalized learning experiences, for all students, with an innovative approach to education utilizing state of the art technology and project based blended learning. Founded to provide students with a path to a high school diploma and ultimately life long success.

Our first exercise was to create the brand strategy including messaging points for identified audiences—educators, parents, students and policy makers. MDG then developed a robust brand awareness campaign and execution that included website, outdoor advertising, guerilla marketing, print and more.


New Balance Women : Brand Transformation

In an effort to revitalize the women’s business, New Balance asked MDG to reposition the women’s division. We recognized that, among women, New Balance had a respected reputation, but not an ownable niche—with Nike owning performance, Puma owning style and brands like Brooks owning technology. Research was conducted which eventually indicated that the NB woman was indeed different. She was about multitudes and individuality. As much as we tried to define her, it quickly became obvious that what made her unique was the fact that she insisted on defining herself. Performance was important, but so was lifestyle, so was family and fashion etc. Our task was to convey that no matter the definition—New Balance understood, and supported her in each and every life endeavor.

MDG created a branded campaign that brought to life the new definitions of NB women. We worked to educate the internal team with a brand book, and then spoke with the consumer via a variety of touch points. A fresh presentation of product along with dynamic lifestyle imagery and effective, approachable messaging was employed in all channels of communication, redefining NB style with an authentic aesthetic.


Randolph : Brand Development

Randolph Engineering manufactures handcrafted American eyewear, and has a unique and authentic heritage, having supplied pilots of the US Airforce, US Navy, and US Marines, with eyewear for more than four decades. Our charge was to reposition and grow the brand in the consumer market globally. We developed a dynamic brand look/feel that embraced our incredible history, while opening the door to a contemporary and exciting new brand image. 


Brahmin Leather : Retail Store Design + Promotion

Brahmin Leather is a family owned manufacturer of beautifully crafted leather handbags and accessories. MDG was charged with developing a branded nationwide retail experience and communications platform. The challenge was to expand target audience to a younger generation without alienating the current clientele, the solution required a fine balance between classic style and fashion forward thinking. We crafted a brand story based on the concept of coveted heirlooms.

MDG collaborated with the Brahmin team to develop several retail store concepts that would reflect the new brand story eventually executing a concept that allowed for a sophisticated, elegant way to display product while conveying Brahmin’s heritage and craftsmanship.



Cybex : Brand Refresh

The Cybex premium fitness equipment brand is steeped in physical sciences and biomechanical studies. Inspired by this, MDG developed a brand foundation and subsequent campaign that successfully positioned Cybex as the only fitness equipment manufacturer that drives every initiative based on in-depth knowledge of human form and movement. We developed a modern vernacular, strong integrated brand message and visual identity system that dynamically conveyed the energy of the brand. Every point of contact from trade shows, web presence, print campaigns, videos and catalogs were considered while crafting this integrated and resonant program. 



Nola’s : Brand Identity + Packaging

Nola’s name is an homage to the founder’s hometown of New Orleans where cooking is a way of life. Born out of a passion for preparing robust, all natural salsa, using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Made with love and packed with bold tex-mex inspired flavors. Together, we created an authentic brand identity, logo and packaging that was true to the heritage of the of the founder.



Collections by Stride Rite : Brand Development, Retail Store Design + Identity

Stride Rite was looking to expand target audience by developing a new retail concept beyond baby into pre-teen, with a focus on the older age groups. MDG was engaged to begin concepting, naming and overall brand progression. The new one-stop shopping destination was slated for New York’s Upper East Side.

The result was Collections by Stride Rite an easy shopping experience for growing families with a sophisticated feel. The visual merchandising was designed to accentuate an unsurpassed breadth of style, inviting growing kids to take part in their own style development. We created the entire retail experience from wider aisles and seating to custom metallic wallpaper and exciting brand imagery showcased throughout the store. Dramatic and dynamic window displays attracted the attention of passersby successfully breaking away from the cacophony of New York’s sights and sounds. The store became a highly effective brand extension and testing ground for new product. 


Dimmi : Brand Positioning + Campaign Development

Dimmi is a footwear brand that started with a story. As with many stories, it’s about a major event that touched one family. The Dimmi story began with ALS, a disease without a cure, that changed forever a family in the shoe business and created a brand with a purpose, a purpose of doing good. 100% good.

Richard A. Carrington 4th died of ALS at the age of 39, leaving behind a wife, three children, his extended family and countless friends. Consolidated Shoe Co., the family business he ran, began a new shoe line, Dimmi, in his memory—with the sole purpose to give away 100% of its wholesale profits to medical research.

MDG was engaged to create a brand that was authentic and help develop desirable product that would spur consumer involvement in the dimmi mission— ultimately driving sales to increase contributions to medical research (healing families) and positively impacting lives. We started with the brand foundation and built an identity system and campaign that would resonate in the hearts and minds of the footwear industry and consumer alike.


Stride Rite : Brand Development

Stride Rite, the venerable manufacturer of high quality children’s shoes, charged MDG with naming and national launch for a new collection of scientifically advanced footwear, developed in conjuncton with the Leon Root Motion Analysis Lab in NYC. The “SRT” (Sensory Response Technology) collection was designed to improve the way a child learned to walk and to decrease stumbles and falls. Our subsequent research with moms indicated that this effort was beyond a product launch and was a big idea and opportunity to reposition the stride rite brand. We created a new brand platform for the company, the STEP System—Scientifically Tested, Everyday Proven. All current and future initiatives would fall into this system, especially the latest tech categories. A new positioning and identity was launched with national advertising, digital campaign, sales training, in-store presence and pediatrician outreach. The campaign presented a balance of emotional imagery and product technology features that resulted in stride rite reclaiming a leadership position, known not just for quality footwear but as an authority on the healthy development of children's feet.


SocialSphere : Brand Positioning + Campaign Development

Founded at Harvard, SocialSphere employs big data, creative thinking and proprietary technology to identify, empower and engage with a client’s most passionate and influential fans. Our task was to rebrand SocialSphere as a more approachable technology company.
A new accessible brand strategy, design, verbal identity and website allowed them to clearly communicate their extraordinary services and capabilities to a broader audience. Clients include the US Marines, the NHL, ESPN, Paramount Pictures.